Český ples 2024 ticket
Smetana Hall and Lodge of Smetana Hall
Price of the ticket is 14 000 CZK including VAT
Best places, unlimited eating and drinking, a personal waiter is at your disposal.
Your ticket includes:
Welcome drink and varied tasting canapés.
Look forward to tasting top gastronomic delicacies provided by real professionals.
Catering for the whole evening is under the direction of the French restaurant ART NOUVEAU, a combination of Czech and French cuisine.
Drinks all night - wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks.
Professional coffee preparation under the baton of experienced barbers.
Barman services.
Somelier services with professional wine recommendation.
Unlimited consumption of genuine champagne and cocktails all evening.
Multi-taster tasting menu with the possibility of repeated ordering.
Services of a personal waiter for your table only, food recommendation and appropriate wine to them.

Ticket prices include 15% VAT